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We are back with String-On

in the elementary schools!

GIYO’s fifth-grade outreach program, focuses on learning to play classical music on an orchestra string.  Science concepts, such as sound velocity, vibration, pitch, wave, frequency, the Doppler Effect, amplitude and sound pressure, are taught as part of this ears-on and hands-on program. The program is directed by a professional strings teacher. During the 2019-2020 school year, grants from the John N. Goddard Foundation, the Eugenia Price/Joyce Blackburn Foundation, the Terry Thomas Foundation, the Flynn Family Foundation, the Kay W. Cantrell Family Fund and local donors made it possible for almost 900 elementary school students in ten local private and public schools to participate in this program.

StringOn 2.JPG

String-On, our week-long introduction to instrumental music, has been to Oglethorpe Point and Burroughs-Molette this Fall! We have also introduced 5th graders at St Francis Xavier through a hybrid String-On. We will be at Frederica Academy in November and Altama Elementary in early January. We are currently scheduling String-On for the spring semester. String-On is supported by our donors and from grants from the Terry Thomas Foundation, Rotary Club SSI, OREM Foundation, and the Kay Cantrell Family Fund.

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