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News from GIYO

En Avant at UUCG feb 2021 rev 3.jpg

Recently, the music emanating from the Unitarian Church in Brunswick offered a welcome sound for anyone concerned about the large-scale disruption the pandemic has had on music education for students.

Photos by Harlan Hambright.


Seniors photo 2251.jpeg

Photo by Harlan Hambright.

L-R: Justin Fullem, Corinne Hill, Catie Fenstermaker, Matthew Pendarvis, Isaiah Seals, Isabella Antah, Jason Cherne, Connor West, Esther Hollingsworth, Jacob Torbert, Maddi Hyde, Sarah Duddleston, Jaydon Gohil, Meme Walton, Jaes Cruikshank, Moena Ino, Jacob Bosarge, Helena Hardy, Breeze Boatright, Jordan Strickland

Georgia’s Diploma Seal in Fine Arts


Those GIYO musicians who are completing the requirements for Georgia’s Diploma Seal in Fine Arts recently organized a gathering of middle and high school musicians from nine Coastal Georgia school districts for a day of strings at Georgia Southern University.  Shown above their final performance in GSU’s Carter Hall. 

Symphonette performed at Jekyll Island.j

Members of the Symphonette Ensemble, Stephenie Powell conducting, performed at the holiday open house of the Hollybourne Cottage on Jekyll Island.

Symphonette at Glynn Academy.jpg

Members of the Symphonette Ensemble, under the leadership of Stephenie Powell, performed in the lobby of the Glynn Academy Memorial Auditorium in December prior to the winter GIYO concert.

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