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Fetter Award

When the youth orchestra was first formed, Beverly Stewart Fetter stepped forth as one of its first volunteers. Beverly served willingly in almost every official and unofficial role that it took to make the organization a successful one. To honor Beverly and her husband, Patrick, the GIYO board created the annual Fetter Award which is given to one or more graduating seniors who have contributed the most to the success of the youth orchestra.

2022 Scholarships Announcement


The Beverly and Patrick Fetter Award recognizes graduating members of the Golden Isles Youth Orchestra who have worked diligently to make the orchestra a premier institution. The GIYO Board of Directors presented the 2022 Beverly and Patrick Fetter Awards to nine graduating seniors who have done just that.


  • Our Brunswick High award recipients are Kylie Dallas and Liam Nunn

  • Camden County High’s awardee is Mico McGovern

  • Frederica Academy senior Madison Morgan

  • and five seniors from Glynn Academy ---- Cindy Barrow, Emma Clarke, Ansley Franklin, Evan Jimmerson, and Yecenia Martinez-Santiago.


In addition to a certificate of recognition, these outstanding musicians received $9500 in total scholarships. Several intend to continue playing music as they pursue their higher education.

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