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Fetter Award

When the youth orchestra was first formed, Beverly Stewart Fetter stepped forth as one of its first volunteers. Beverly served willingly in almost every official and unofficial role that it took to make the organization a successful one. To honor Beverly and her husband, Patrick, the GIYO board created the annual Fetter Award which is given to one or more graduating seniors who have contributed the most to the success of the youth orchestra.

2021 Scholarships Announcement


The Beverly and Patrick Fetter Award recognizes graduating members of the Golden Isles Youth Orchestra who have worked diligently to make the orchestra a premier institution. The GIYO is pleased to recognize the following nine seniors as recipients of Beverly and Patrick Fetter Awards: Jason Cherne, Jacob Torbert, Isabella Antah, Jacob Bosarge, Matthew Pendarvis, Catie Fenstermaker, Corinne Hill, Esther Hollinsworth, Moena Ino, and Meme Walton. The 2021 awards total of $8500 in Scholarships.

Jason Cherne – First chair violin and co-concertmaster.
Jason is a member of the Leadership Team for the past two years, plays in the Ensemble, led violin sectionals, and is also a leader in the GA orchestra. Jason is an All-State semifinalist and has won Mozart Society Awards the past three years.  He plans to major in Music Performance at Georgia Southern University.


Jacob Torbert is a Euphonium musician.
Jacob has been a three year member of the GIYO leadership team. At rehearsals Jacob is always there ready to help set-up/teardown. He has recruited several musicians to Philharmonia, made euphonium and trombone music assignments, leads lower brass sectionals, and teaches middle school musicians.  He was drum major for the GA Band. Jacob has achieved All District and All Region recognition multiple years and made All State this year. He was a Governor’s Honor Alternate Finalist.  Jacob plans to pursue a degree in Music Education.


Isabella Antah is a cellist. 
She has participated in all GIYO camps and other intensive camps over several years. She has served on the GIYO leadership team and  been a GA orchestra section leader for multiple years.  She has played in the GIYO Ensemble for two years.   Isabella graduated Glynn Academy with a Fine Arts Seal.  She is attending Georgia State University to major in pediatric nursing with a minor in music performance.


Jacob Bosarge plays bass
and has served on the GIYO Musical leadership team as well as in the GA orchestra for multiple years. He has performed in the Ensemble and  lead sectionals for the basses in the GA orchestra. Jacob participated in GIYO camps across multiple years, and has played for the Chapel and the Gathering Place for several years.  Jacob has been an All- state finalist for three years, and a Governors Honors finalist in recent year.  Jacob is attendind Georgia College and State University.


Matthew Pendarvis has been a talented cellist for not only GIYO but for the Glynn Academy Orchestra. Matthew  has been a small group instructor and led sectionals for cellos in the GA orchestra.  He has served on the GIYO leadership team multiple years. As an Ensemble member for several years, he has played in many venues across the community. Matthew achieved All-State recognition as principal cellist of the All-State String Orchestra this senior year. He was a Governor Honors nominee in 11th grade and was a Mozart Society competition winner this and last years. Matthew is attending Georgia Tech.

Catie Fenstermaker is an alto saxophonist from Camden County High.
She has been an ardent and effective ambassador, recruiting several Camden County musicians to GIYO.  Catie has received all District and All Region honors multiple years. This year  she achieved All State Band.  Catie  was a woodwind field captain for CCH’s marching band.  She also instructed musicians at Glynn Middle School. Catie is attending Yale University.

Corinne Hill is also an alto saxophone player.
She served on the GIYO leadership team, but was also a drum major this past year. As a Leadership team member, Corinne was always enthusiastic and helpful before and after rehearsal. She served as the sax section leader and made saxophone assignments. She also taught GMS musicians. Corinne achieved All District and All Region recognition and was a Governor’s Honors Program nominee this past year. Corinne is attending Georgia Tech to pursue a degree in chemistry.


Esther Hollingsworth was a first violin and performed concert master duties second semester.
He instructed strings students and led the ensemble at St Francis. Esther also assisted with instructing Joy and En Avant ensemble. She was an All-State semi-finalist this past year. She won Mozart Society awards the past two years. Esther plans to attend North Georgia College and participate in the Air Force Reserves.


Moena Ino played flute in Philharmonia as well as in GA’s marching band.
She served as section leader for the marching band the last two years. She instructed middle school flute players, and was a Leadership Team member. Moena received All District and All region Band honors and was an All State semi-finalist. She was also a Governors Honors nominee for music last year. Moena is attending the University of Georgia this fall, minoring in music.   

Meme Walton has served on GIYO’s leadership team multiple years.
She was lead percussionist for Philharmonia as well as GA marching band. She was also a member of GA jazz band, the wind ensemble, and theater pit musician. Meme made percussion assignments and taught GMS musicians. She received All District and All Region Band honors and was an All State finalist in 2021. She was also selected for the Governors Honors Program in 2020. Meme plans to study music performance at the University of Georgia.